(Black on Black Crime) Annabelle

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Annabelle is a walking land monster. I swear someone booked her as a practical joke on me. She’s delusional in the fact that she thinks of herself as a porn star, yet no one I’ve talked to knows who she is. Regardless… we had a job to do. How Rome was able to fuck this beast is beyond me. Kudos to him. Fucking her mouth was difficult. She tried every whore trick in the book to deflect it. If I was a hockey fan, I’d reference some pro goalie… but alas, I hate hockey. Anyway, Rome did what he could to pry open her mouth aka the jaws of life. After that, we went all anal on this bitch. No pussy fucking at all… she didn’t deserve any pleasure. It went straight up her big fat butt hole. Then, he made her suck that dirty dick before butt fucking her in more positions. So there it is… enjoy!

(Latina Throats) Desiree Lopez

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Mmm… today’s cunt is a spicy one. Desiree Lopez is 4’11”, DD tits and down for anything. It’s about time we had a Latina that doesn’t throw in the towel at the first sign of putting in a little work. I honestly can’t speak high enough of this whore’s work ethic. She would make her people proud if starring in porn wasn’t such a disgusting blemish on one’s credibility. Anyway… the cock went deep down the throat. Deep enough to empty her belly time and time again. The humiliation didn’t end there, though. Jamming her face into a bowl of slop was only the beginning. It was a not stop face fucking adventure! Oh… wait until you hear her screams as her tiny cunt got split open by hard white cock. Great shoot today… one we’re all proud of!

(Ghetto Gaggers) Ashley Luvbug

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Ashely Luvbug is a nice mix. She has that light skin complexion that the brothas like but the sistas hate… but she has that sweet ghetto booty that all men like. She’s a petite little fuck doll that claims to be into this type of shit. I called bullshit, but she proved me wrong. This tiny cunt actually digs being roughed up. Her body is built for porn. She has that baby doll face, perky tits, smooth hairless cunt and a plump little bubble butt. Combine that with an “anything goes” attitude and you have a real winner. It didn’t take long for her stomach contents to end up all over the floor, which we proceeded to mop up with her hair. Then, we threw that petite body in some hot positions and fucked her nice and good… ending by dumping a creamy load all over her pretty face.

(Face Fucking) Vienna June

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Vienna June is a slender piece of white trash pussy. At first, I thought she was the “girl next door”… but quickly realized that this girl has had her string of problems and is not what I thought she was. She’s a money hungry whore who will do whatever she needs to do in order to make that money. While I don’t respect her, I do respect the hustle. Today, she went outside her comfort zone and got slapped around and spit on for her roughest scene ever. This isn’t her first time being knocked around, though. Her ex-boyfriend used to throw her a beating back in the day… probably for being a stupid cunt box. Part of this shoot had her thinking about how she was mistreated by her boyfriend and the cool thing is… we had her relive the misery. Nice!

(I Worshp Anal) Audrey Rose

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Imagine this! Me! I’m getting cuckolded and I’m forced to watch. Damn, this simply doesn’t happen, but I guess I have no choice here. Audrey Rose has something up her sleeve and I better like it. She wants to tease and torment me while I watch her get her ass gaped and licked and fucked up and over doggie. Wait….I thought this was my job, lol. Not today apparently. Maybe if I behave and watch, she’ll let me join in…..but right now…..just watching!

(Jimmy Hooligan) Jessica Rabbit

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Jessica Rabbit is a real fucking treat for Jimmy.  She’s brand new to porn with that fresh baby doll face, perky little titties and smooth hairless pussy that I fucking adore.  She’s also willing to be a real pig on video.  To start, I have her chug down on some cock, getting her to spill her guts.  At first she’s embarrassed, but once she realizes that it turns me on… she lets it rip.  Fucking her was awesome.  She was clearly out of my league, so degrading her while I stuff my cock inside her box was awesome.  I know these pretty girls feel so humiliated when my fat ass is porking them, but I couldn’t care less.  Jimmy is all about Jimmy… and today, I got mine!  After drilling her in the stink box, I unloaded a massive yet stringy cum load all over her face.  It looked like a spider web of jizz.  Perfect!

(Round and Brown) Nadia Jay


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Nadia once again graced us with her presence. This time around, she wore booty shorts that hardly covered her amazing ass and a small top that accentuated her big tits. After the pleasantries, Nadia twerked her firm round and brown ass all over the place. Then she got on her knees and slobbed on that cock before sitting on it and riding it relentlessly. After getting her tight pussy banged from multiple angles, and in various positions, Nadia got her tonsils and her funbags glazed with an extra-large batch of jizz.

(Black on Black Crime) Sinnamon

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Bad news, people… we had a mega fuck up at this shoot. Sinnamon gave us one hell of a face fucking scene but unfortunately, we’ll never see it. The fucking camera didn’t record it. Before you call me a dumb ass and make fun of me, I want you to know that I did press record and the tape was moving… it just wasn’t recording. The only thing that came up when I was editing was a black screen. FUCK!!! I was able to salvage the sex, though. Believe me, guys… I wish this weren’t the case because Sinnamon gave an emotional face fuck complete with tears. I’m so sorry this happened. Let’s hope the big boss, Duke, buys me a new camera so this never can happen again!

(POV Life) Britney Amber

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Britney Amber loved being on POV Life so much last time that shes back for another round! It also doesnt hurt that you guys demanded we bring her back – so here you go! She came to us today with a naturalish look that would be gone by the time we were done with her. Her yellow teddy, lingerie, and massive mammers let us know that she was here to fuck, get fucked, and get showered with jizz! Looking at her eyes while shes slobbing on the knob is hypnotic and we cant get enough of her slurping noises! Be careful you dont shoot your load too early while watching her plump ass bounce up and down on the meat you might miss the vocal performance she gave us right before our boy bricked in her mouth and on her tits! If you guys wanna see more of Britney, let us know below!

(Latina Throats) Amya Sweet

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I’ll file this scene under the win column. It had everything you’ve grown to love and expect from Latina Throats. The whore, Amya Sweet, is a petite 22 year old with sexy tan lines, juicy butt, tight hairless cock box and an adorable face… a perfect target for spitting and slapping! Today, we were all amped. The action was high octane from start to finish. Without a doubt, this is the hardest thing this little fuck has ever done! Perfect… that’s how we know we did our job well! It didn’t stop with the face fucking… her pussy and asshole were open for business. This little spinner takes hard white cock up the crap trap like a pro. Oh man… what a twisted little fuck she is. Wait until you hear her sad story. It’s what shaped her into being the perfect little whore she is today!